The Log module

The Log module is a collection of C/C++ functions, wihch can be used to print some formatted output to a window.

•  Displays formatted output (like printf) in a window.
•  Is able to redirect C++-standard output streams (cout, cerr).
•  Does a kind of redirection for C-stdout (printf(), fprintf(stdout)).
•  Demonstrates the use of the Plixx-Build-Environment.


System Compiler State
MS-Win 2K, XP MS VisualC++ 6.0 +
MS-Win 2K, XP (CygWin) GCC 3.2.1 +
Solaris 2.6 GCC 2.95.1 ? (Not testet lately, probably needs some fixes)
Linux SuSE 6.3 GCC 2.92.x ? (Not testet lately, probably needs some fixes)
FreeBSD 4.x GCC 2.92.x - (does not compile, makefiles needs some tinkering)

This screen shot shows the log-test application using the log-module in debug-mode runing on MS-Windows XP. The console window in the background got its output after disabling the redirection and clicking the output buttons in reverse order.

Downloads can be found at the download page.

The state of the log-module is considered preliminary. It works as depicted, but there are several enhancements desirable: some code-clean up, support for more compilers/os's, output to file, formatted output with line-prefixes. These enhancements may be done when the need for them arises while implementing Plixxard.